• X-ray

    Modern digital X ray system

    AWC 14

    This essential and valuable tool allows us to assess a variety of conditions from trauma and traffic accident cases to cardiac assessments and abdominal emergencies.

  • Haematology and Biochemistry


    lab3Using our own blood analysers, we can offer our patients a wide range of blood tests including the screening of older patients health , pre-anaesthetic blood testing and as an aid to diagnosing a variety of medical conditions. The rapid turnaround of the tests means the least amount of time is wasted in reaching a diagnosis and beginning treatment. We also have access to a wide range of blood tests carried out at specialist external laboratories.

  • Laboratory / Microscopy


    We regularly take and examine skin scrapings, hair plucks, fine needle aspirates and blood smears to be examined in our laboratory to allow us to reach diagnoses rapidly.

  • ECG


    This painless and non invasive technique allows us to gain valuable information about your pets heart function where a problem is suspected.

  • Modern gaseous anaesthesia


    We employ modern equipment and our experienced staff monitors each patient closely to ensure that anaesthetics are administered as safely as possible.

  • Surgery


    AWC 121

    All our surgery is carried out in our well equipped surgery under sterile conditions. The safest anaesthetics available are employed and monitored continuously by professional and well trained staff.

  • Large modern kennel area

    Hygiene and Comfort

    We can accommodate over 40 patients in stainless steel, insulated Shorline kennels ensuring a high level of hygiene and comfort for your pet.

  • Wide range of pets treated

    Dogs to Reptiles

    Our vets and nurses are happy to treat and advise you on pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rats, mice, cage birds, fowl, wildlife, ferrets, chinchillas and certain reptiles.

  • Veterinary Dentistry

    Hygiene and Comfort

    We have a designated dental treatment area equipped with ultrasonic descaling and polishing equipment to care for patients teeth. Good dental health is vital for your pet’s general health particularly as they get older.